Tips For Purchasing A New Garage Door

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Tips for Purchasing a New Garage Door

There are a few things to look at when it comes time to buying an overhead garage door. You will need to know the size and style for your overhead door replacement. You also need to know what material you want the overhead door made of. How much garage door maintenance do you want to deal with? Do you want your overhead door to be insulated? How much money will my budget allow to spend on the garage door replacement? Is there a building code requirement? Which garage door will increase the curb appeal of my home for resale?

Learn About Your New Garage Door Purchase

Overhead Door Sizes

Overhead door sizes have changed over the years. The standard garage door size is 16’x7’ but in the last ten years garage door height sizes have been increasing due to larger sports vehicle sizes. Quality Garage Door Repairs offers custom fit sized garage doors, and we use only the best quality parts that carry a lifetime warranty. That's why we are the leader in garage door repair in the San Diego.

Garage Door Styles

The styles that you have chosen for your overhead garage door replacement will make a strong statement on the overall appearance of your home. The overhead garage door replacement will definitely be noticed due to its size. The overhead garage door with raised door panels has a lot of flexibility because it comes in different materials and a lot of different styles to choose from. There are a lot of options in personalizing your overhead door installation with hardware accessories, paint colors, and windows to name a few. Then you can customize the garage door and get a really good visual of how the garage door will look when you do your overhead door installation.

Overhead Door Materials

The materials that are available for your overhead door are wood garage door, metal garage door, fiberglass garage door, and composite garage door. The wood overhead garage doors will require a lot of maintenance but have more of a country traditional style and a natural look that can also be stained or painted. A steel garage door is low maintenance and has many positive features. It is available in any style and can also be painted to look like a wood door. The composite garage doors are made from recycled wood and will last longer than a wood garage door. Fiberglass doors are good for coastal areas because they will resist salt water corrosion.

Garage Door Insulation

The decision on insulation for your overhead door replacement depends on how hot or cold the climate is where you live and whether your garage is attached to your house or has a room above it. This may be important to people that work or spend a lot of time in their garage. The overhead door is sold with layers of insulation in varying thickness and materials such as polysterene garage door insulation, poly-urathane garage door insulation.

Garage Door Cost Considerations

The cost of an overhead garage door replacement will vary from a few hundred dollars up to thousands of dollars. Prices will vary depending on insulation, windows on the panels, type of panels and of course, the quality of the garage door itself. Brand names Clopay and Doorlink are the quality brands to choose from- and the only ones we carry. Because we carry only the best, we are able to offer our customers a lifetime warranty on all parts of any garage door or garage door opener repair or install. A good overhead door installation is vital to your overhead door running smoothly and functioning well for years- and has a direct value associated with your home.

Garage Door Curb Appeal

Many people that we install a new garage door for are astonished at the improvement to the looks of the entire house. It can definitely make a huge difference in the overall esthetics of a home. If you have any question about this, just ask any real esate broker what a difference it can make. So, this is something to keep in mind when shopping. If you are planning on selling your house, you could increase its value dramatically by spending more on a higher quality garage door.

Garage Door Security Considerations

The roll up overhead doors are much more secure than the old flip open garage doors because the flip open door can be broken into by prying the bottom open and it is much more difficult to push the roll up door upwards when it is closed. Also, wooden doors are heavier and tend to be more secure becasue of their construction. Windows in the garage door may also be a concern- for maximum security you woulod want a garage door with no windows.



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