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Broken Garage Door Spring Replacement in San Diego

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Broken Garage Door Spring San DiegoGarage door springs wear over time with temperature changes and natural wear from the garage door opening-closing over time. Lower quality garage door springs can break in 5 or 6 years. Most people don't know (because they don't work with garage door repair every day like we do) that these garage door springs must be replaced in pairs. We know from experience that if you just replace one spring (because it was the only one that broke), then within a couple of months, the other garage door spring will also break. This is partly because the new garage door spring creates a differential in force that actually puts further stress on the non-replaced spring. So, when replacing garage door springs, we always recommend that our customers replace both. We have replaced thousands of these garage door springs over the years, and we have the experience to get your garage door back in operation very quickly. Call us- the experts in garage door spring replacement.

Common signs you have a broken garage door spring

  1. Garage Door Cables Are Broken
  2. My Garage Door Goes up 6” and Stops
  3. My Garage Door Opens and Immediately Closes
  4. My Garage Door Made A Loud “Bang”
  5. There Is a 2” Gap in Your Big Spring (Garage Door Torsion Spring)
  6. The Top Section of My Garage Door Is Bent
  7. The Garage Door Falls Fast When Going Down
  8. When You Pull the Emergency Release, the Garage Door Cannot Be Lifted
  9. My Garage Door Is "Jerky" When Going up and Down
  10. My Garage Door Is Crooked Going up and Down
  11. Garage Door Cable and Pulley Are Hanging Down


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Broken Garage Door Springs In San Diego

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