Garage Door Opener Replacement San Diego

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Garage Door Opener Replacement San Diego

Quality Garage Opener Replacement

Over the years, garage openers have changed and improved. Although they vary in quality, there have been some improvements in garage door opener technology. For example there have been improvements in the garage door motors, and drive mechanisms. There have also been improvements in the garage opener remotes and wireless technology. Around 2004, almost all all garage openers vendors in the United States were switched over to selling garage openers with rolling code digital on board controllers. Prior to that, many garage openers on the market had frequency based technology that was easy for the bad guys to thwart (be able to open your garage door with a device that simulated your garage opener remote.) The garage openers that have this new "rolling code" technology are much harder to bypass (more information on --> garage door security.) Even with these improvements in technology, there is still a wide variety of quality with different garage opener manufacurers.

The garage door opener is made of many components, and many people really don't stop to think about their garage door opener, but it is actually the the largest and most heavy machinery in a home. The garage door opener comprises the motor, motor enclosure with controller, hinges, tracks, springs, rollers, and other pieces of interconnecting hardware that all work together as moving parts to open and close the garage door day after day, month after month and year after year. Like any machine, it is recommended that these garage opener parts get regular maintenance, but most often they do not. Over time the garage door opener parts get worn from lack of lubrication and/or adjustment. Eventually the garage opener parts will weaken and eventually crack and break.

We do everything we can to repair our cutomers existing garage door opener, but sometimes when certain components break, or the overall system has become so worn that it is dangerous or doesn't make sense to repair (because the system will break again in the near future) than you may need to install a new opener system. Of course this requirement (to replace garage door opener) will depend on other factors as well including how old the garage opener is, what brand it is, and what parts are commercially availbale.

If you do need your garage opener replaced, than Quality Garage Door Repairs can help you select the garage opener that is right for you and save you money too. With experience in garage opener replacement since 1996, we know how to make sure that you have the right garage opener for your needs, and we can get it done and have you up and going quickly. If you are considering having a new garage opener installed, visit our new garage openers page on this site- we have very good deals and we only carry the best- that is how we are able to give a Lifetime Guarantee on all parts that we install.

Please feel free to visit our Garage Door Repair FAQ page. Of course, you can always contact us by email or phone. Thank you for your interest in Quality Garage Door Repairs.



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*We give a full Lifetime Warranty on all parts that we install on any garage door or garage opener repair. **Coupons must be used individually and may not be applied simultaneously.

Garage Door Opener Replacement In San Diego

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