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When is an overhead door replacement necessary for my garage?

At Quality Garage Door Repair, we take pride in helping our customers save money, and in most cases you don't need to replace your garage door. It is only necessary if the garage door has a tear, dent, or one or more panels are sagging. The garage door panels last a long time and the doors are generally built to last. However, there are many other moving parts that come with a new door that are often lower quality because they are often sold that way by the bigger name home stores. Over a period of 5 -6 years these garage door springs, rollers, and other parts can become worn and cause problems with the garae door operation. We repair and replace these parts with very high quality garage door and garage door opener parts, and all of our garage door and garage opener repairs come with a lifetime warranty on all parts that we install.

What kind of overhead door replacement should I look for?

If you do need to replace a garage door, first consider the amount of money you want to spend on the overhead door replacement. There are outlets that will sell the cheapest garage doors but you do get what you pay for, so the quality and the warranty will vary significantly depending on who you purchase (and have install) your garage door from. Some of the better known companies for overhead doors are Clopay, DoorLink. Overhead doors can run as high as $8000 for the best quality doors. Next is the choice of a wooden or metal garage door.

Do I need to hire a professional to do the overhead garage door repair?

It is highly critical that this kind of job is done right and the craftsmanship for overhead garage door repair is very specialized. Working with overhead garage door springs can be hazardous when you are winding them. Using the right tools is essential and a skilled worker will be sure to do the job quickly and efficiently, especially when dealing with the overhead garage door springs. Make sure that who ever does your garage door installation is licensed, bonded, and insured.

What about the cost of replacing the overhead garage door springs?

Check around for prices but they will cost approximately $100.00 per spring plus installation. Also, it is important to know that an experienced professional will always recommend replacing both garage door springs because they know from experience that if you only replace one, the other one is sure to break soon after(typically within two months). It is especially important to have the garage door springs replaced by a licensed professional as it requires special tools and can be dangerous if not done properly. Quality Garage Door Repairs uses only the highest quality parts, and we give a lifetime warranty on all parts for any of our garage door repair services.

When do I need to replace the garage door opener?

The newer garage door openers have a lot of added features for your protection from a garage door accidentally closing. The more up to date garage door openers have optional keypads and battery reserves to make sure that you never get locked out of your garage. They also have features that make the garage door close much quieter, and they modify the garage door code every time it is opened or closed. This is very important for security as it makes it much more difficult for “frequency sniffers” to be able to hack your garage door opener code as opposed to the older garage door openers that use a fixed frequency that is easier to imitate.

How can I troubleshoot for a necessary repair?

You should be able to operate your door in both directions manually, smoothly and effortlessly without the door getting hung up at any point. Disconnect the door from the garage door opener drive mechanism by pulling the emergency release cord. Open the door about 2ft. If the door felt like it weighed more than 15 to 20 pounds, then you may need a repair. When you let go of the door when it is 2ft open, it should stay. If it drops to the ground, or wants to shoot up, then you need a repair. If the door stays, open it to the halfway point and let go of the door, the door should stay here again, if not you need a repair. Open the door all the way, and then close it all the way, it should operate smoothly and effortlessly without any hang ups. If you have to force the door in either direction then you need a repair.



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Garage Door Repair FAQ In San Diego

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